Tri-Flex -T | 3G/4G Tri-Band Adjustable Cellphone Booster for Home/Office [ U.S T-Mobile & Canadian LTE ]

65dB | Ideal for residential and home office up to 6,000 sq.ft. (557 M2)

  • Tri-Band 800 (Cellular), 1900 (PCS), 2100 (AWS LTE MHz)
  • Adjustable dials for all bands
  • Works with all Canadian 2G, 3G and 4G standards
  • Supports multiple users
  • Auto Shutdown and Oscillation Detection
  • Operates at low temperature

Tri-band U.S T-Mobile & Canadian 4G solution for homes and small office buildings

The SureCall Tri-Flex T is part of the Enhance series of tri-band amplifiers. This completely integrated amplifier combines Cellular, PCS and the AWS band to dramatically improve 2G-3G voice and 4G data speeds. Supports T-Mobile AWS and Canadian 4G, including Bell, Rogers and Telus. Covers all bands and technologies in Canada, including 2G, 3G, 4G, HSPA(+) and LTE, except for IDEN and Wi-Max.

This full-featured amplifier includes adjustable gain control with dials for each band and automatic shutdown for maximum flexibility. Ideal for large homes and small office buildings and warehouses with a low cellular signal and/or requiring large coverage. Covers up to 6,000 square ft. (5579m2) with good signal.

Package includes:

   ▪ Tri-Flex T booster

   ▪ AC power supply

   ▪ User manual

   ▪ Mounting kit

Outdoor and indoor antenna and 2 cables are required for installation
(purchased separately).

Frequency Uplink: 824-849/1710-1755/1850-1910 Mhz; Downlink : 869-894/1930-1990/2110-2155 Mhz
Input Impedance 50 ohm
Average Gain 65dB
Maximum Gain 70dB
VSWR <2:0
Standard Supported AWS, HSPA(+), WCDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, EVDO, EDGE and all other standard cell phone networks
AC Power Transformer Input AC110V,60Hz; Output DC 6-12V
Maximum RF Output Power 3W EIRP for Cellular, 2W EIRP for PCS, 1W EIRP for AWS
Noise Figure 7dB
Cable CM400 recommended
RF connectors N Female connectors on both ends
Power Consumption <30W
Dimensions 8.5" x 6.25" x 1.5" (21 cm x 16 cm x 3.8 cm)
Weight 3 lbs. (1.4kg)

Note: Our boosters and amplifiers cannot transmit cell signals without an outside and inside antenna connected by a cable.

We strongly recommend these antennas and cables as accessories for our boosters and amplifiers. For indoor amplification of a broad area, we recommend our CM222W indoor omni antenna. To receive a more directional signal, we recommend our CM248W indoor directional antenna. Both are available in kits.

However, the number of antennas, length of cable, or connectors needed can vary according to the size and make of the structure, lack of signal strength, or where the structure resides. Or you can contact us or our reseller to find out what you need.


Full Band Outside Fiber Antenna


 Full Band Inside Dome Antenna


 Full Band Inside Pannal Antenna


 Ultra-Low-Loss Coaxial Cable 

The signal is received by the outside antenna from the cell tower, then AMPLIFIED and transmitted to your phone through the inside antenna. When the phone transmits, the signal is received by the inside antenna, then AMPLIFIED and transmitted to the cell tower through the outside antenna.
1. Mount outside antenna (mounting kit with stucco screws provided)
2. Using CM400 cable, connect the dome antenna to the side of amplifier marked OUTSIDE
3. Mount dome antenna on the ceiling
4. Using CM400 cable, connect the dome antenna to the side of amplifier marked INSIDE
5. Connect the Power Cord (make sure the booster’s power switch is in the OFF position).
6. Turn on the booster’s power switch. The LED light will glow, indicating that the booster is ready to use.
Note: Make sure Inside and outside antenna are 60’ apart

Optimizing Reception Using Dials:

Step 1: When you receive the booster, the PCS (1900 MHz frequency) dial on the top and the Cellular
(800MHz frequency) dial in the middle and the AWS LTE (2100 MHz frequency) should be each set at 65dB. If the ALERT light turns on for either band’s dial, it means that the booster is oscillating on that band.

If this happens, turn down the respective dial by 5dB, or for example, from 50 to 45. The ALERT lights
will flash for 20 seconds, the booster will automatically shut down, then restart.

Step 2: If the ALERT lights for either band continue to blink, turn the respective blinking knob down by
another 5dB or until the light stops flashing.

NOTE: During this process of adjusting dBs for either band, continually monitor the bars on your cell
phone to gauge reception.