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SureCall Vehicle Antennas

Vehicle signal boosters use an antenna for the exterior of the vehicle that collects the low cell signal and an interior antenna that broadcasts the enhanced cell signal inside the car, truck or RV.

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Exterior Vehicle Antenna

Wide band 3.8" magnet-mount exterior roof antenna for vehicles with FME-Female connector and attached 12.5 ft cable.

Exterior Vehicle Antenna

Designed for top performance in rural areas, the SC-200W-58 exterior vehicle antenna helps improve cell signal inside any car, truck, van, or SUV when paired with a vehicle signal booster.

NMO Vehicle Antenna

Wide Band 3.3” Non-Magnetic Option exterior omni antenna with ¾” hole mounting base with 17 ft cable and FME-Female connector.

Interior Vehicle Patch Antenna

Wide band interior patch antenna with FME-Female connector designed for use with SureCall vehicle and RV cell phone signal boosters.

Interior Vehicle Whip Antenna

Wide band interior omni-directional whip antenna with FME-Female connector for use with SureCall vehicle and RV cell phone signal boosters.

OTR Truck Antenna

Designed for trucks, work vans, RVs, and fleet vehicles, the OTR truck antenna comes equipped with a strong base and mirror mount that can hold up in the harshest road conditions.