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Find a Certified SureCall Signal Booster Installer

Looking for a local installer? We’ll connect you with an installer in your area that has the knowledge and necessary tools to accurately quote and install your new SureCall signal boosting system. SureCall certified installers will survey your location and recommend a booster that will provide you with constant indoor signal throughout your home or commercial building.

SureCall Certified Installers
Find a Certified Installer

From the beginning we have believed that in addition to building the highest quality signal boosters on the market we needed to build a network of trusted professional installation partners to properly install our boosters. We have been providing the training and tools to our certified installers to make sure you get the best installation experience available.

Our nationwide network of Certified Installers are professionally trained to accurately survey, design, and deploy your new system for maximum indoor coverage. They are trained to locate your strongest outdoor signal, install the external antenna(s), run cable and optimize your indoor antennas to increase your signal strength and keep your crucial communications going strong.

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