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Cell Phone Signal Boosters, Stop dropped calls and improve text reliability and 3G 4G LTE data speeds. Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular with the SureCall Ultra Wide Band 5G Splitter

 Cellphone Signal Booster

Ultra Wide Band 5G Splitter

Signal Distribution Device


SureCall’s bi-directional splitters enable 2 to 4 inside antennas to be supported from a single amplifier or node. This accessory is great for deploying multiple antennas all of which are approximately the same distance from the amplifier and are thus suitable for an even distribution of signal strength.

All splitter models are fully compatible with all 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signal booster deployments in the 600 MHz to 2700 MHz range under all North American carriers.

 Cellphone Signal Booster
Product Specifications
Part Number SC-WS-2-5G SC-WS-3-5G SC-WS-4-5G
# of Splits 2-Way 3-Way 4-Way
Frequency Range 600-2700 MHz 600-2700 MHz 600-2700 MHz
Distribution Loss 3.0 dB 4.8 dB 6.0 dB
Insertion Loss ≤0.5 dB ≤0.7 dB ≤0.8 dB
SWR ≤1.25:1 ≤1.3:1 ≤1.3:1
Isolation ≥20 dB ≥20 dB ≥20 dB
Impedance 50 Ohm 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
Maximum Power 50 W 50 W 50 W
Connector N-Female N-Female N-Female
Dimensions 3.78" x 3.47" x 0.83" 4.73” x 4.22” x 0.83” 4.73” x 4.22” x 0.83”
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