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Cell Signal Booster Installation Tools

Top quality tools and mounting options for your cell signal booster project.

RF Signal Meter

Quickly measure signal strength, map indoor frequency levels and identify peak antenna alignment for cell phone signal boosters.

Sentry Remote Monitoring

Sentry offers seamless off-site adjustments to maximize signal booster performance with the Sentry mobile app or web interface.

Antenna Mounting Pole

Adjustable 20" J-bar outdoor antenna mounting pole for use with SureCall in-building cell phone signal boosters.

Antenna Mounting Bracket

Designed to mount an outdoor antenna to the J-bar mounting pole, this L-bracket with U-bolt hardware securely attaches to a pole up to 2" in diameter.

Cable Crimping Tool

Commercial-grade cable crimper secures connectors to coaxial cable. With multiple cavity sizes, it's compatible with a variety of coax cable types.

Cable Stripping Tool

Commercial-grade self adjusting 2-cut coaxial cable stripping tool assists with proper cable prepping prior to crimping a connector.