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SureCall Future Leaders
Scholarship Program

To contribute to the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurial minds, SureCall, the performance leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters, will award $1,000 to one bright young mind.

SureCall Future Leaders Scholarship Winner Winter 2018

Meet Our Winter 2018 Scholarship Recipient!

Our panel of essay judges unanimously selected Leandra, a bright young mind and soon to be a student at Utah State University, as our scholarship recipient for our Winter 2018 scholarship.

"I am honored and thrilled to be selected for the $1,000 Future Leader’s Scholarship! I am fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity provided by Surecall to apply for this scholarship. Thank you to Surecall for this chance to be able to fulfill my educational dreams and passions!" – Leandra B.

$1,000 Future Leaders Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by SureCall, LLC. We are a company founded by an engineer, Hongtao Zhan, who had a vision that could improve everyday life in the cellular age and the entrepreneurial drive to see it through.

The average cost of tuition for a Baccalaureate degree earned from a public college over the span of four-years now averages more than $100,000 and the same degree earned at a private college averages over $200,000.

With the SureCall Future Leaders Scholarship Program, it is our mission to usher in the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators who are excited to apply their natural drive and knowledge gained in college to improve life as we know it.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be enrolled or accepted and planning to enroll in an accredited college or university within the United States. The scholarship is available to any student over the age of 18, at all levels of college, spanning from high school student enrolled in college to enrolled students and post-graduate students.

How to Apply

Those who would like to apply for this scholarship will need to complete and submit the form at the bottom of the page. Within this form applicants will be required to share:

Essay Theme

In the 400-600 word essay, the applicant will briefly share the reason behind his or her chosen major (or potential major). The essay will focus more in-depth on how he or she is currently or would eventually like to use that major to improve everyday life through an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Essentially, we want to know why you’re excited about your major and how you feel it can be used to make the world a better or more advanced place!

Judging Criteria

All submissions that meet the Program’s criteria will be judged by SureCall staff, and must be submitted via the form below. Essays may also be posted on social media to be voted on in the form of likes, shares or tweets. Social voting is not the only basis of the final decision, but may influence the selection of the scholarship award recipient.

How To Make Your Essay Stand Out

Aside from our copywriter, most of the judges here at SureCall won’t be too concerned about your spelling, sentence structure, or the fact that you finished the sentence with a preposition. We are looking for an applicant who can clearly communicate the passion, excitement and vision behind what he or she is studying and what they plan to do with that which they have gleaned from those studies.

scholarship applicaiton

The Secret Sauce

One way to score huge points with our judges is simply to be authentic, be yourself, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Instead think more about clearly communicating your aspirations as they relate to your major.

Raise Your Ranking

Once our SureCall judges have narrowed it down to the finalists we will be sharing screenshots of those final essays (including only your first initial and last name [Ex. D. DeVito]). Follow us on our social media accounts below and keep your eyes peeled for the hashtag #SureCallFutureLeaders. Tell your friends and family to like the post with your essay to maximize your likes!

Essay Communication Tips That Will Help

Neither of these are mandatory, but they are good things to take into mind. As you begin your essay you may want to structure it with shorter paragraphs comprised of one-to-two sentences each. This is a more casual writing practice called “chunking” and it has a huge impact on keeping readers actively engaged for longer periods of time. The second suggestion is that, while it can be said that profanity illustrates passion, it doesn’t have a place in this essay so it will be in your best interest to leave that out.

About SureCall

Founded in 2001, SureCall is the multi-patented, award-winning performance leader for cell phone signal boosters. Combining top-quality materials, powerfully innovative product designs, and industry-leading service and support, SureCall has given mobile device users access to reliable cellular signals in homes, offices, and cars. Major institutions like NASA, Stanford, Duke, Kaiser Permanente and many others in the oil and gas, hospitality, automotive, and technology industries trust SureCall's FCC-approved boosters to make their signals go the distance.

To learn more about SureCall and its entire line of cellular signal boosters for vehicle visit Get more information about signal boosters by visiting the SureCall blog and guide to signal boosters or connect with SureCall on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Scholarship Application

To participate in the SureCall scholarship, please fill out all necessary fields and submit. Good luck!
Fill out my online form.