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“The Fusion2Go Max has saved me from re-scheduling conference calls and allowed me to file stories on-the-go during a massive drive from Anchorage, Alaska, through British Columbia, Canada, all the way down to El Paso, Texas... I also use the booster to beef up my phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot’s signal for a mobile internet connection, which allows me to work from my laptop just about anywhere.”

--Popular Mechanics


2020 CES Innovation Award

CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree -- Fix dropped calls, text, and cellular data on the road with the award-winning Fusion2Go Max- the most powerful vehicle cell phone signal booster for all carriers.


The Fusion2Go Max significantly improves 5G/4G LTE connectivity using SureCall’s patented Extended Range Technology™ (ERT) for maximum performance across all areas of the road. ERT amplifies cell signals outside the vehicle, bypassing cable loss and producing faster data speeds while keeping users connected farther than any other booster.

Fusion2Go Max also boasts 2XP technology to further boost the vehicle-to-tower range by increasing the uplink transmission power two-fold. With ERT and 2XP working in unison, Fusion2Go Max is the best performing all-carrier cell phone signal booster on the market.